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Divine In Real Life

Sharing Universal Truths In A Digital World

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At Digital Divine Co. we believe in alignment over hustle and will work with you to find the path where you can flow, not fight. We want you to feel supported and will always encourage you to ask for help, build a community of friends, and lead with your truth


Intentions and mantras may seem woo-woo, but they are grounded in YOU, and that's why they are important. Running, owning, starting a business is personal, so of course the person behind the brand matters just as much as the brand itself. Digital Divine Co. believes in taking care of you - mind, body, soul and brand - to help elevate the entire ecosystem of your digital presence. We help you expand everything -- including your own confidence. 

Well, it's easy really. We start with a simple conversation. What are your needs, what are your problems, what is your vision. In this initial getting to know each other, we really let you lead the conversation. It's not that we're playing coy, it's that when you speak unbridled, the truth tends to drip out more candidly than if it's all too buttoned up from the get-go. It's merely a conversation among fast-friends.


Then, we come in with a summary, reiterating to you what we believe to be your needs (the key to great communication and collaboration is listening, after all)! And then the magic begins...

The long and short of it: What you need.


From customized workshops for salons, studios, small businesses, entrepreneurial groups, or you name it to one-on-one guidance sessions, we work together to make it happen.


Types Of Services We Provide:

  • Branding

  • Custom Style Guides

  • Content Calendars + Strategies

  • Social Media Consulting

  • Email Marketing Strategies

  • Digital Marketing Consulting​

  • Interactive Workshops​​

Hi, I'm the human behind Digital Divine Co. With 10+ years of experience in the digital marketing universe, I want to share my knowledge and assist in bringing form to ideas. The most profound lesson I've learned over time that truly transformed my relationship with the often overwhelming, fast-paced world of digital marketing is the concept of digital wellness. This means working YOU into the equation, ensuring your brand's health isn't at the expense of your personal, spiritual or emotional wellbeing.


I live and work in San Diego, CA, but have clients from coast to coast. After a short stint as a professional soccer player abroad, I settled into my new life as a creative where my greatest passion could shine: writing. From copywriter to content strategist positions, I built a career working with brands that align on my personal values of wellness, food, and sustainability, with lots of open-minded spirituality peppered in.



If you're like me, and I am guessing you are, you have ideas spinning around in your head all the time, but this one, Digital Divine Co., hit me with its best shot and I went to work. Now it's alive and you are here.


I hope this space brings you comfort and maybe even inspires you to take that leap you're on the edge of. My goal is to teach you how to grow your own wings. 

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